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Welcome to the captivating paradise of Santa Teresa, where every moment is a brushstroke of beauty and adventure. Nestled along the pristine coastline of Costa Rica, Santa Teresa offers a symphony of experiences that awaken the senses and nourish the soul. With its golden sunsets, untouched beaches, and lush rainforests, this destination is a haven for nature enthusiasts and seekers of tranquility.



Whether you're exploring winding forest trails, conquering challenging mountain paths, or navigating desert dunes, ATV and UTV rental services provide a secure and reliable way to do so. With new and private tools at your disposal, along with robust insurance and proper approvals, your journey promises to be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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Imagine the thrill of navigating your trusty ATV through lush jungle trails, surrounded by a symphony of tropical birdsong and the rustling of vibrant foliage. The journey to a hidden jungle waterfall is the epitome of a tropical adventure, promising an unforgettable experience that blends the excitement of off-roading with the serenity of nature.

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Surfing a Big Wave

Surf Class


Dive into the waves with our exhilarating surf classes, where skilled instructors guide you through the art of riding the tides. Feel the rhythm of the ocean beneath your board as you connect with the power of nature.

Yoga in the Garden


Yoga Class

Discover serenity in our rejuvenating yoga classes, held against the backdrop of sun-kissed beaches and swaying palms. Let the tranquil sounds of the sea melt away stress as you find your center in this idyllic haven of inner and outer balance.

Horseback Tour


Saddle up for a journey on horseback, traversing the coastline and hinterlands of Santa Teresa. Connect with these majestic creatures as they guide you through lush forests, golden beaches, and our charming village.

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Jungle Tours


For those who seek the mysteries of the wild, our jungle tours immerse you in the heart of Costa Rica's lush landscapes. Trek through dense canopies, guided by experts who unveil the secrets of diverse ecosystems.

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Isla Tortuga


Embark on a full-day adventure to Isla Tortuga, an oasis of white sands and azure waters. Snorkel in vibrant reefs, relish in beachfront feasts, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Boat Tour

Embark on a mesmerizing boat tour that unveils the coastal splendor of Santa Teresa from a whole new perspective. Cruise along turquoise waters, gazing at hidden coves, and witnessing marine life in its natural habitat.

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